* High level European Air & Space ConferenceA high level European Air and Space Conference, supported by the European Commission, AECMA (European Association of Aerospace Industries), AAAF (Association A?ronautique et Astronautique de France) and CEAS (Confederation of European Aerospace Societies), will take place in Brussels on May 28-29, 2002. Commissioners Loyola De Palacio (Transport) and Erik Liikanen (Information Society) will participate, as well as Spanish Minister for Research Anna Birul?s, Director General of DG Research Achilleas Mitsos, Director-General of the European Space Agency (ESA) Antonio Rodot?, several MEPs, and representatives of several European organisations and companies. The conference will address research and technology, civil aviation and space.Parallel roundtables will cover several issues: research's response to future developments in civil aviation, large-scale facilities and tools, military research and technology, space research and technology, safety, space telecommunications, the Earth's observation and GMES.For more information, contact: AAAF (Association a?ronautique et astronautique de France), Tel: (+33) 1/39 79 75 15 - Fax: (+33) 1/39 79 75 27; or visit the following website:* ESA and UNESCO celebrate World Space Week 2002In the framework of the World Space Week, which will take place on October 4-10, 2002, the European Space Agency (ESA), in co-operation with UNESCO, is inviting the general public, educators and students to visit the Manned Spaceflight Facilities of European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, as part of the World Space Week 2002 activities.On October 6, the organised tours of the centre include a presentation by a European astronaut, a Virtual Reality tour of the International Space Station (ISS) and a unique tour of International Space Station Information Centre. Teachers and students can participate in special tours on Monday October 7. Teachers can take their class on a free tour of the centre and to presentations on the ISS and "Space and Daily Life".UNESCO, in co-operation with ESA and other space agencies, is holding an international essay contest for students on the World Space Week 2002 theme 'Space and Daily Life'. The aim of the contest is to encourage students all over the world to think about how space is affecting, improving and helping them in their daily life...

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