PositionPROMETEUS conference on technology in education; Virtual Reality World Congress in Paris - Brief Article

*Technology enabled learning network holds discussion forumPROMETEUS, a European network dedicated to identifying and dissemination knowledge and best practice in the field of technology enabled learning, will be holding a discussion forum in Paris on September 29-30, 2002. Established four years ago with the support of the European Commission, PROMETEUS now has 450 members in 31 countries. The discussion forum will see an exchange of views on how technology can support and improve lifelong learning and, in particular, on primary, secondary and higher education as well as vocational and professional training. Its organisers aim to bridge the gap between research results and the actual use of learning technologies. Specifically, the conference will address the following topics:- the impact of new learning technologies on pupils, teachers and training methods;- how new and emerging technologies can improve learning in universities;- how new technologies will improve companies' competitiveness;- how learning technologies can encourage and enable citizens to improve their skills and knowledge throughout their lifetime.For further information, please contact: Cecile Tevet, Tel: +33 1 53 94 54 71, E-mail: or Angela Baker, Tel: +33 1 53 94 54 76, E-mail: Website address is*Paris to host Fifth Virtual Reality World CongressThe fifth Virtual Reality (VR) World Congress will take place in Paris, France on September 9-10, 2002. The congress, with the theme "Systems for visionaries," is timed to provide the opportunity to identify prospective partners for the submission of proposals for the European Commission's forthcoming Sixth Framework programme (FP6). The budget for the category including virtual reality is Euro 3.6 billion. Managers from the European Commission will be available to answer questions about the information society technologies (IST) and FP6 schemes and will give a presentation on the new simplified procedures for research under FP6.The event's agenda includes...

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