Conclusions: Summary of recommendations

AuthorElisa Morgera
Policy Department, Directorate-General for Extern al Policies
7 Conclusions: Summary of recommendations
European Co mmis sion and EEAS
European Parliament
2020/2021 -
nilateral and
bilateral level
Discuss the recommendations of this study at the
Developm ent Days Confer ence.
Consider ma instreaming b iodiver sity a s a human r ight in
proposals arisin g fro m t he Green Deal and the ne
w EU
biodiv ersit y s trategy.
Address the recommenda tions of this repor t in a fu ture
annual EU-Human Rights NGO Forum and in other activities
to follow up o n the 2019 EU -Human Rights NGO Forum that
focused on t he environm ent.
Request independen t studies to assess:
o Global data availability on biodiversity loss and human
righ ts;
o Whether the existing rights-
based approach to
development is fit to ens ure tha t EU e xter nal f unding
does not risk caus ing neg ative imp acts on biodiv ersity
as a human r ight; and
o the EU B iodiver sity Stra tegy 2020-
2030 against
inter nat ional de velopm ents on biodivers ity a s a
human right.
Rely on international developments on biodiversity as a human
right in relation to the proposals ar is ing f rom the Green D eal.
Include references to biodivers ity as a huma n righ t in the
resolution on cli mate change and human rights
In the (pre-)programming of external (thematic and
geographic) finance:
o Encourage projects that integrate human rights,
biodiv ersit y an d climat e chan ge.
o Ensure co nsidera tion of b iodivers ity as a h uman
right under the European Fund for Sustainable
Development Plus.
o Develop
them atic and civil so ciety calls for
proposals on biodiversity and as a human right.
use its role as co-legisla tor in fu rthe r discu ssion o n the
proposed Neighbourhood, Development and International
Coo per ation In strum ent (NDIC I), and seek to include reference
to the need to consider the inter-dependencies of human rights,
climat e chang e and b iodiver sity, a s well as t o bu siness due
diligen ce to res pect biodiversity as a human right (including in
connection to climate change, agriculture and fis heries ) under
the European Fund for S ustainabl e Developm ent Plus.

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