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AuthorKarin de Vries
- The functioning of the NIHR in its first five years. The evaluation of the period 2012-
2017 is overall positive and concludes that:
o the integration of the former Equal Treatment Commission into th e NIHR did
not have det rimental effects; the NIHR has found a good balance between its
equality mandate and its broader human rights mandate;
o its semi-judicial role r egarding discrimination complaints is perceived as being
high-quality and authoritative (see Section 7 a) and 7 c) above). 354
- Concerted efforts by several actors (the NIHR, Ombudsman, public interest litigation
organisations and the EU Commission) resulted in a policy change regarding Roma
housing. The new housing policy framework for Roma, Sinti and Travellers is directed
at preventing discrimination ag ainst Roma, ensuring their cultural rights and
providing legal security in the area of housing. Most importantly, municipalities a re
no longer allowed to pursue an ‘extinction policy ’ regarding trailer sites (see Section
3.2.10 under a)).355
- Integration of anti-discrimination programmes developed b y various ministries,
including annual monitoring, to enhance their effectiveness (see Section 9). 356
354 Evaluatie Wet College voor de rechten van de mens (Evaluation of the National Institute of Human Rights
Act), Tweede Kamer 2017-2018, 34 338 no. 3, p. 2-3.
355 Beleidskader Gemeentelijk woonwagen- en standplaatsenbeleid (Policy framework on municipal trailer and
campsite policy):
356 Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, 26 April 2018, Kamerbrief inzake kabinetsaanpak en
voortgangsrapportage over het Nationaal actieprogramma tegen discriminatie (Letter to Parliament
regarding the Cabinet’s approach to and progress report on the National Action Programme against

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