Students from Luxembourg, Cyprus and the German-speaking part of Belgium have an easier time studying or training abroad than those from other EU states, reveals the first EU 'Mobility scoreboard'(1), published by the European Commission on 10 January. The scoreboard, developed by the Eurydice network in collaboration with the Commission and an advisory group of experts, gives an initial overview of implementation of the Council's 'Youth on the move' recommendation to promote the learning mobility of young people.

The scoreboard is based on five core factors that influence higher education students' motivation and capacity to study or train abroad: 1. information and guidance on mobility opportunities; 2. portability of student grants and loans; 3. foreign language preparation; 4. recognition of learning outcomes abroad through the European credit transfer and accumulation system (ECTS) and diploma supplement; and 5. support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Commission refuses to rank member states, since these factors have different indicators do not necessary have equal value. It is nevertheless possible to identify the best and the worst pupils: Luxembourg, Cyprus and German-speaking Belgium are outstanding on language preparation and portability of student aid. Romania and Slovakia are the only two states with three negative indicators out of five: both countries are lagging on aid portability, recognition of studies abroad and support for disadvantaged students.


- Information and guidance on learning mobility: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Italy provide the most comprehensive guidance. Information and guidance structures are least developed in Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia and Cyprus.

- Portability of student aid, enabling students to receive public grants and loans in...

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