Summary: Following the September 1991 arms embargo, the United Nations Security Council ordered economic sanctions to be applied to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro). The measures included a sanctions assistance mission (SAM) deployed in six countries bordering on the FRY, as well as a sanctions assistance communication centre (SAMCOMM) within the European Commission's DG XXI (Taxation and Customs Union) in Brussels. As the sanctions were suspended in October 1996 and investigations into sanctions violations have decreased significantly, the European Commission is proposing to wind up the SAMCOMM at the end of the year.

The Commission suggests that the Directorate-General XXI (Customs and Indirect Taxation) should assume the residual tasks relating the coordination of investigations and prosecutions of suspected sanctions violations, where still requested to do so by participating states and maintain and preserve the SAMCOMM data base and documentation. Computer equipment and other office equipment will be offered in due course to the customs authorities in Bosnia-Hercegovina. In reaction to future developments related to EU sanctions implementation and when requested by the relevant national authorities, the European Community or international organisations, it is proposed that DG XXI would consider providing advice and appropriate technical assistance. In view of the...

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