Innovation, antimicrobial resistance and chronic illnesses are the Danish Presidency's three health priorities. Copenhagen is hoping that the Council will adopt conclusions on the last two, which form part of the European Commission's work programme. It will also continue and/or initiate negotiations on the legislative proposals in the pharmaceutical domain.

The Commission, which has just presented its five-year action plan to combat antimicrobial resistance, must, in principle between May and August, adopt a package on innovation in the health sector'. This consists of a communication on promoting innovation in medical devices and two legislative proposals on medical and in-vitro diagnostic medical devices. Denmark will, therefore, orchestrate the first discussions on these texts, which are meant to adapt the regulatory framework for technical and scientific progress by introducing clearer and simpler rules and providing for the necessary instruments for effective management at EU level.

The proposal for a revision of the directive on the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products (Directive 2001/37/EC), announced for the beginning of 2012, has been delayed and, therefore, may not be discussed under the Danish Presidency.


The Danish Presidency will attempt to conclude the last chapter of the pharma package' updated by the Commission at the end of 2010 following numerous amendments by the European Parliament. The Council will be called on to adopt its position on first reading on the...

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