Managing Natural Resources of the Dukagjin Plain

AuthorSelim Qevani
PositionFaculty of Education, University of Pristina 'Hasan Prishtina'
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 3 No. 2
June, 2019
ISSN 2519-1284
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Managing Natural Resources of the Dukagjin Plain
Selim Qevani
Faculty of Education, University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina”
The need for natural resources in the Dukagjini Plain is continuous because life and the
wellbeing of the inhabitants depends on them. Their use is o en coupled with sensitivity
and f‌l uctuation in the natural balance, creating di culties in providing food, clean water
and other resources to meet the needs. Therefore, to avoid irrational access to Dukagjini's
natural resources, careful management and use is needed. To highlight this process we will
address the legislative and institutional aspects that deal with this responsibility. Particular
emphasis will be given to laws regulating the use and preservation of land, forests, waters,
minerals, protected areas, medicinal and aromatic herbs etc.; the institutions responsible for
managing responsibilities; challenges of Enforcement of the Law; to succeed with planned
projects and funding; environmental problems such as erosion, demolition, land degradation,
water pollution etc. At the end of this chapter will be analyzed the economic perspective of
using these resources.
Keywords: management, natural resources, legislation, environmental protection, institutions.
The use of natural resources requires careful management to enable the use of
resources in a continuous way. The exploitation of waters, soil, minerals, and forests
positively a ect the economic development and well-being of people, but their use
is o en accompanied by adverse environmental e ects. Their avoidance is achieved
through legal management. Kosovo has adopted several laws on environmental
protection and conservation. By means of which the use and care of natural resources
is regulated.
The Kosovo Law on Waters (Law No. 04 / l-147) was approved on 19 March 2013. This
Law regulates the sustainable use of water resources, which are necessary for public
health, environmental protection, and socio-economic development. It protects water
resources from pollution, overuse and misuse. It also clearly def‌i nes administrative
responsibilities on water resources.
The Law on Agricultural Land was approved on 23.06.2006. through which the
utilization, protection, regulation and leasing of agricultural land is def‌i ned, with the
purpose of preserving and protecting the agricultural potential permanently, based
on the principles of sustainable development (Law no. 02/L-26, Article 1 of the Law).
Agricultural land as a natural asset of general interest has special protection and
should be used for agricultural production and can not be used for other purposes
except in the cases determined by this law and other provisions derived therefrom
(Law no. 02 / L-26, Article 2 of the Law).
The Kosovo Law on Forests (Law No. 2003/3) was approved on 14.10.2004 and

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