Protocol 4 on beef and veal


Article 1. Article 2. Article 3. Article 4. Article 5. Article 6.


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The Community and the ACP States agree to take the special measures set out below to enable ACP States which are traditional exporters of beef and veal to maintain their position on the Community market, thus guaranteeing a certain level of income for their producers.

Article 1

Within the limits referred to in Article 2, customs duties other than ad valorem duties applicable to beef and veal originating in the ACP States shall be reduced by 92%.

Article 2

Without prejudice to Article 4, the reduction in customs duties provided for in Article 1 shall apply to the following quantities expressed in boneless meat per calendar year and per country:

Botswana 18 916 tons

Kenya 142 tons

Madagascar 7 579 tons

Swaziland 3 363 tons

Zimbabwe 9 100 tons

Namibia 13 000 tons

Article 3

In the event of an actual or foreseeable recession in these exports due to disasters such as drought, cyclones or animal diseases, the Community is willing to consider appropriate measures to ensure that quantities affected for these reasons in any year can be delivered in the following year.

Article 4

If, in the course of a given year, one of the ACP States referred to in Article 2 is not in a position to supply the total quantity fixed and does not wish to benefit from the measures referred to in Article 3, the Commission may share out the amount to be made up among the other ACP States concerned. In such a case, the ACP States concerned shall put forward a proposal to the Commission, not later than 1 September of that year, naming the ACP State or States which will be in a position to supply the new additional quantity, at the same time indicating to it the ACP State which is not in a position to supply the full amount allocated to it, on the understanding that this new temporary allocation will not affect the initial quantities.

The Commission shall ensure that a decision is taken by 15 November at the latest.

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Article 5

This Protocol shall be implemented in accordance with the common market organization in the beef and veal sector, which, however, shall not affect the obligations entered into by the Community under this Protocol.

Article 6

Should the safeguard clause in Article 8(1) of the Annexe be applied in the beef and veal sector, the Community will take the necessary measures to maintain the volume of exports from the ACP States to the Community at a level compatible with its obligations under this Protocol.