Recent CJEU Case Law in Insurance Matters

JurisdictionEuropean Union
AuthorAna Keglević Steffek


Ana is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Anglia Ruskin University, Faculty of Law in Cambridge, UK. She specialises in commercial and contract law (including European, international and transnational aspects), insurance law, arbitration, ADR, access to justice and digitisation. At her University Ana serves as Director of Centre for Access to Justice and Inclusion (CAJI), the Member of the Senate and as Faculty Academic Integrity Lead.

Ana is a Council Member of the European Law Institute (ELI) in Vienna, the Secretary of the Consumer Protection and Dispute Resolution Working Party of the International Insurance Law Association (AIDA) and a Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law, Croatian Association (IACL). She is also a Founding Member of the Croatian Insurance Law Association and serves on its Council and Projects Committee.


In this presentation, Ana Keglevič-Steffek provides a comprehensive analysis of the latest developments in insurance law, focusing on critical areas such as motor insurance, Solvency II, health insurance, and industry regulation. With her deep expertise, Keglevič-Steffek delves into recent case law, shedding light on important legal precedents and their implications.

Beginning with motor insurance, Keglevič-Steffek explores recent court cases that have significantly influenced this aspect of insurance law. She examines key rulings related to liability determination, coverage disputes, and the interpretation of policy terms.

Moving on to Solvency II, Keglevič-Steffek provides a thorough analysis of recent case law that has shaped the regulatory framework governing insurance companies in the European Union. She delves into significant court decisions and legislative developments related to solvency requirements, risk management, and supervisory practices.

In the realm of health insurance, Keglevič-Steffek examines recent case law that addresses crucial issues such as coverage disputes, policy exclusions, and the rights of policyholders.

Lastly, Keglevič-Steffek explores recent case law in the context of industry regulation....

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