The Economic Importance of Trademark Registration in Kosovo

AuthorArtan Nimani - Vjollca Dibra
PositionUniversity of Gjakova 'FehmiAgani
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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The Economic Importance of Trademark Registration in Kosovo
Prof. Artan Nimani
Prof. Vjollca Dibra
Themain purposeof thispaper isto collectresearch dataon howoen Kosovarcustomers
purchase trademarked products  services from our businesses and how the brand
name aects their persuasion to purchase that product  service Another purpose of
this research is to understand what motivates consumers to buy branded products 
services from Kosovar businesses to understand their aitudes about how well they
value these branded products, what factors motivates them most in buying trademarked
products  services and how important are promotional activities and advertising in
persuading consumers to buy trademarked products  services and their impact on
increasing sales to businesses in Kosovo. From the results of the research we have reached
Trademark is an important instrument for persuading consumers to buy products and that
To accomplish the goals in this study we have put forward two basic hypotheses;
trademark of Kosovo businesses andH Promotional activities and advertising of a
trademark can persuade consumers to buy trademarked products and increase the success
of the sale of Kosovarbusinesses Trademark registration under Kosovo legislation is not
mandatory, but it is preferable to do so because of the protection against risks, such as the
use of the mark by another company which will result in reduced sales and powerlessness to
received the most focus over the last decade, there are also cases of lack of basic knowledge of publicly
owned industrial property rights. Which could encourage individuals to advocate for intellectual
work and the pursuit of new ideas. The importance and treatment of intellectual property as
an intangible asset should be enhanced both in the public sector and within private companies.
Keywords: Brand, survey, Kosovo, market, trademark, IPASAPI
In the free market economy, business activity is mainly conducted by private
businesses that operate on the basis of applicable legal rules and business customs.
During business development economic entities - businesses create a reputation in
the marketplace by creating trademarks and product brands. To identify the brand
of an enterprise, it must register in the relevant register and obtain the status of a
registered trademark.
The origins and origins of the trademark date back to ancient times when artisans

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