The quality of accounting audit, the factors determining the perception of the Registered Accountants Experts

AuthorElsa Tanushi
PositionUnviversity of Tirana
Vol. 3 No. 1
January, 2019
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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The quality of accounting audit, the factors determining the perception of the
Registered Accountants Experts
Elsa Tanushi
Unviversity of Tirana
The purpose of this study is to provide knowledge on factors that are perceived as in uencing
the quality of audit in Albania. The study focuses on the point of view of individual active
auditors, those auditors who exercise their profession, according to data from the Register of
Registered Accountants Experts. This group has been selected to be surveyed by considering
its professionals as a party in the audit market that possesses the information and technical
knowledge appropriate for the proper assessment of the determining factors of the audit quality.
This research is based on an interpretive research approach using research methods such as
document analysis and questionnaires. The analysis method used for the obtained responses
from auditors is statistical analysis, through descriptive analysis, correlation analysis and
regression analysis. The survey con rms the raised hypothesis, on the primary importance of
input factors in building the perception of the quality of the audit. In general, the ndings of
the survey can be considered important for the stakeholders for audit engagements and for
academic researchers that wants to develop a deeper understanding of this contribution.
Keywords: quality of audit, in uencing factor, perception, social and cultural context.
Choosing to handle a topic in the eld of external audit comes from the belief that
the profession of auditor plays a crucial role in the dynamics of nancial markets. In
particular, it is emphasized the importance of providing an audit opinion with a high
level of quality, which as a result provides the interested parties with more reliable
information. There are di erent actors involved in the audit process, auditors, audit
commi ee members, audited company management, investors and regulators.
Each of these groups may a ect the auditor's decisions, and each of them may have
di erent opinions on what constitutes a qualitative audit. My contribution to the
relevant literature in Albania is the analysis of the perceived factors as the most
important for the quality of the audit, from the point of view of active accountants.
2. Purpose of the study
This study is intented to determine the factors that most a ect the quality of the audit.
The concept of audit quality has been widely reviewed in international literature,
especially by looking at the links between the auditor's quality factors (such as the
size of the audit rm or specialization in the industry) and nancial reporting quality
indicators (such as modi ed audit reports , quality of reported income, Francis JR,
2004; Watkins AL et al, 2004). In these studies, the concept of audit quality is de ned
by reference to speci c characteristics or decisions (Humphrey C. et al., 2007) and the

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