Trepca mine in Stan ? Tërg between the two World Wars

AuthorMustafëHaziri - Bujar Dugolli
PositionUniversity of Pristina-Kosovo
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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Trepca mine in Stan – Tërg between the two World Wars
PhD (C.) Mustafë Haziri
University of Pristina-Kosovo
Assoc. Prof. Bujar Dugolli
University of Pristina-Kosovo
The analysis of the development of Trepca Mines in Stan – Terg (Kosovo) between the two
world wars is the main objective of this paper. We will try to present chronologically the
historical, economic and social importance of Trepca Mines especially during the two World
Wars period. The exploration of Englishmen of Trepca Mines started in 1926. Then in 1941,
Trepca was supervised by Germans, and modern exploration of Trepca Mines started between
the two worlds wars.
Keywords: Kosovo, Trepca Mines, strike, Politics, process.
Tre pca Mine is very important and not all the historical data’s in this study can be
included. The mining represents the most important economic branch of the Kosovo
and one of the most relevant factors in the history of mankind. By making a general,
overview of Trepca‘ s history, I have focused my study in the 20-th century. The rst
investigations in Trepca started a er the First World War by the British enterprise
Minel LTD in 1926, and began to produce in 1930.
According to the fact that this giant is created by the superpowers a er WWI, it wasn’t
able to produce by itself because of the bad conditions, and the failure of funds. The
investigation started earlier, since 1906, by the company which was working with searches
about zinc and mine. This Company was “The international Russian Corporation“and
a er nding minerals all the foreign investors were interested about this wealthy
area. There are some data that prove that Trepca is established in 1926 (Vasilic, 1951,
16). The same pronouncement was given also by B. Bluseviei in his work “ Rudarstvo
Trepce “but according to the economic archive of Trepca which contains about 40000
documens, it is proved that Trepca mine was established in the 19th of December 1927.
With the British investment in Trepca, a new era started (Osmani, 2003, 112). They bought
some concessions and brought their engineers (Daut, 2002, 19). They established another
company which was established on the 9th of December and was named “Selection Trust
LTD”; it existed until the end of the war. The company named “Trepca“ was registered in
London for the rst time on the 9th of December 1927 (Dushi ,2002, 5).
The company “Trepca Mines Limited“
This English company was located in Stan – Terg about 8 km in northeast of Mitrovica.
The mining in Stan – Terg was followed to Zvecan with telepherics which in 1930

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