Violence against women and domestic violence in relation to the Istanbul Convention

AuthorJenny Julen Votinius
10 Violence against women and domestic violence in relation to the Istanbul
10.1 General (legal) context
10.1.1 Surveys and reports on issues of violence against wom en and domestic violence
The nat ional strategy to coun teract men’s violence ag ainst women, and honour-related
violence and oppression applies for the period 2016-2025, (Government Report SOU
2015:55). The strategy is to be evaluated after five years, and after the end of the strategy
period. The strategy aims to establish a holistic approach to the combat of men’s violence
against women, along with honour-related violence and oppression; including a strong link
between research and p ractice, and a thorough coordination of the work carried out by
different authorities at different levels.
In 2018, a Government Report presented a comprehensive survey of existing relapse
preventing measures for men who have exposed their relatives to violence, including
suggestions to strengthen and improve these measures.56
10.1.2 Overview of national acts on violence against women, domestic violence and issues
related to the Istanbul Convention
Swedish legislation regarding violence against women is primarily integrated into the Penal
code (1962:700). In addition, there are provisions specifically aiming to protect and
support the victims of violence, such as the Restraining Orders Act (1988:688).
In 2019, a Government inquiry was established to analyse whether a new o ffence should
be introduced in the Penal Code to specifically address honour-related violence and
oppression. The inquiry is scheduled to deliver its report on 30 September 2020.57
10.1.3 National provisions on online violence and online harassment
Swedish legislation in this matter is primarily integrated into the Penal code (1962:700).
In 2017, a new penalty provision was inserted in Chapter 4 of the Swedish Penal Code on
unlawful violation of privacy. It establishes criminal liability in certain cases for those who
violate someone else’s private life by spreading images or other information in a way that
is intended to cause tangible harm to the person who is the subject of the information
(Government Bill prop. 2016/17:222).
10.1.4 Political and societal debate
Domestic violence has a high priority in the political debate, as can be seen in the
abovementioned national strategy to counteract men’s violence against women. From time
to time , the matter of domestic violence draws a lot of media attention, particularly in
connection with reports on individual cases. Af ter such reports, the theme tends to be
particularly high on the agenda in societal debate for a while.
A more recent discourse regards the activities of men who take it on themselves to push
certain moral behavi our or religious beliefs on persons living in their neighbourhood,
particularly young women. Such activities have been reported in different areas of
56 Government Report SOU 2018:37 Att bryta ett våldsamt beteende återfallsförebyggande insatser för män
som utsätter närstående för våld, available (in Swedish only) at:
57 Committee Directive Dir. 2019:43.

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