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AuthorJeney, Petra; Cotroneo, Clara
Evaluating the EU’s Response to the US Gag Rule
PE 621.927 11
The European Union is a leading actor in promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights
(SRHR) worldwide. The recent restoration of the Mexico City Policy also known as Global Gag
Rule by the US administration in 2017, and its further expansion in 2019 put a break on progress
made in the field of SRHR globally.
In this context, the European Institutions and the EU Member States have mobili zed political and
financial resources to support SRHR programmes worldwide and contribute to the advancement
of Sustainable Development Goals related to good health and well-being (SDG 3) and gender
equality (SDG 5).
However, the EU and Member States’ responses to the challenges brought about by the Mexico
City Policy are still fragmented. In addition, political and cultural beliefs in EU and partner
countries and the emerging political crisis (Brexit) and health crisis (Covid-19 pandemic) need to
be taken into account when formulating future responses.

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