Composition of the court of justice

AuthorCourt of Justice of the European Union
Annual Repor t 2018 | Judicial Act ivity
(Order of precedence a s at 31 December 2018)
First row, from le ft to right:
M. Szpunar, First Advoca te General; M. Vilaras, Preside nt of Chamber; A. Arab adjiev, President of Chamber;
R. Silva de Lapuert a, Vice-President of the Court; K. Lenaert s, President of the Court; J.-C. Bo nichot, President
of Chamber; A. Prechal , President of Chamber; E. Regan, Presiden t of Chamber; T. von Danwitz, President of
Second row, from lef t to right:
M. leič, Judge; J. Kokott, A dvocate General; C . Lycourgos, P resident of Chamber ; F. Biltgen, President of
Chamber; C. Toader, President of Chamber; K . Jürimäe, President of Chamber; A . Rosas, Judge; E. Juhá sz,
Third row, from lef t to right:
M. Berger, Judge; M. Safjan, Judge; E. Sharpston, Adv ocate General; E. Le vits, Judge; J . Malenovský, Judge;
L. Bay Lars en, Judge; Y. Bot, Advocate Genera l; D. váby, Judge
Fourth row, fro m left to right:
E. Tanchev, Advocat e General; H. Saugm andsgaard Øe, Advo cate General; S. Ro din, Judge; C. Vajda, Judge;
C.G. Fernlund, Judge; N. Wahl, Advocate General; M. Camp os Sánchez-Bo rdona, Advocate General; M. Bobek,
Advocate General
Fifth ro w, from left to right:
. Jarukait is, Judge; G. Ho gan, Advocate General; N.J. Piçarra, Judge; P.G. Xuereb, Judge; L.S. Rossi, Judge;
G. Pitruz zella, Advocate Gener al; A. Calot Escobar, Regis trar

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