Annual report 2018. Judicial activity : synopsis of the judicial activity of the Court of Justice and the General Court

European Union Publications Office
Publication date:


This report provides the reader with a complete overview of the institution’s development and activity during 2018. As in previous years, a substantial part is devoted to a review of the main developments in the caselaw of the Court of Justice and the General Court. Separate statistics for each court, preceded by a brief introduction, supplement and illustrate the analysis. The first chapter summarises the activities of the Court of Justice in 2018. It begins, in this first part (A), by describing briefly how the Court of Justice evolved during the past year and providing an overview of its judicial activity. The second part (B) presents, as it does each year, the main developments in the case-law, arranged by subject matter. The third and fourth parts set out the activity of the Court Registry during the reference period (C) and the statistics relating to the past judicial year (D), and the fifth part sets out the Court’s composition during 2018 (E).

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