Coordination at national level

AuthorJustesen, Pia
The Ministry of Employment is responsible for issues of discrimination in the labour
The Ministry of Foreigners and Integration is responsible for integration issues.259 It is not
clear from the ministry’s website what kind of effo rts the ministry will make to pr otect
genuine ethnic equality and non-discrimination.
No recent national action plan on equality and anti-discrimination has b een published.
The Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior has the overall responsibilit y for
coordinating disabil ity policies.260 In August 2018, more than 60 Dan ish disability
organisations wrote a letter to the previous Minister of Children and Social Affairs urging
the minister to prepare a comp rehensive action plan on disability.261 On 13 February
2019, the DIHR published a report to the UN Committee on the Rights of P ersons with
Disabilities262 noting that, according to the Danish Disability Index, in nine out of ten
indicators people with disabilities are in a disadvantageous position when compared to
the rest of the population.263 The nine in dicators are: (1) equality and non -
discrimination; (2) violence; (3) accessibility and mobility; (4) freedom and personal
integrity; (5) living independently and b eing included in the community ; (6) education;
(7) health; (8) employment; and (9) social protection. Moreover, the trend in recent
years appears to be going in the wrong direction. In five out of the six indicators, the
numbers show that the situ ation for people with disabilities has deteriorated from 2012
to 2016. This is the case in terms of, for example, freedom and personal integrity,
accessibility, employment and education. The report reiterated the need for a national
action plan on disability. In June 20 19, the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with
Disabilities sent its list of issues to the Danish Government, including a request for
information about the adoption of a cross-sector and human-rights-based national
disability action plan.264
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259 See
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262 DIHR (2019) Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Prior to Adaption of List
of Issues (February 2019).
263 Figures are available in Danish at
264 UN Doc. CRPD/C/DNK/QPR/2-3 (30 April 2019).

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