How are online violence programs affecting the transformation of adolescent behavior towards the others?

AuthorBrikena Kullolli
PositionHigh school 'Ismail Qemali'
Vol. 3 No. 1
May, 2017
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
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How are online violence programs a ecting the transformation of adolescent
behavior towards the others?
Brikena Kullolli
High school “Ismail Qemali”
The in uence of mass media on people's lives and behavior is more visible every day. The
target of these tools the young adolescents. One of the communication tools that a racts
more teenagers to the programs and the world that o ers them is internet. Internet o ers to
teenagers a world of possibilities where you can achieve everything just with one click.
But the internet o ers some negative aspects to, such as cyber bulling, inaccurate information,
violation of privacy, addiction, social isolation, pedophile danger, and so on.
But how does watching di erent programs with online violence episodes a ects in transforming
and remodeling adolescent behavior in relationships with other members of society?
Keywords: Internet, adolescent, aggressive behavior.
The world we live in is a world so peaceful and violent to. Every day we hear about
terrorist a acks, victims of various wars, people who kill other people, and many
other episodes of violence. Violence is not present only among adults but also among
Violence among adolescents has become one of the greatest concerns of society today
(Anderson & Bushman, 2001). Adolescents face episodes of violence since early
childhood watching various television programs for children, people who discuss
loudly or who exercise violence against someone else.
The methodology used in this study includes the theoretical and empirical aspect.
The study was also based on the speci c sociological and psychopedagogic literature,
di erent interviews with adolescents about the relationship between viewing
programmes with violent episode and the in uence that they have on the behaviour
of the Albanian adolescents.
Analysis of the problem
Internet as well as television enables teenagers to see di erent programs, including
programs with violent episodes. Some times before the programs they commonly
watch on televizion they see them online (Hodge, Robert & David Tripp, 1986). In
this way, they become increasingly dependent on internet and the services it o ers.
Among the questions raised and disturbing researchers today are:
- How does the Internet a ect adolescent behavior?
- All this information they receive a ects their lives positively or negatively?

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