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Date01 November 2017
Published date01 November 2017
Volume 26Issue 32017
Special Issue: Interna onal and EU Law on Air Pollu on
Is law failing to address air pollu on? Re ec ons on interna onal and EU
Yulia Yamineva and Seita Romppanen 189
The discourse on ‘protec on of the atmosphere’ in the Interna onal Law Commission
Peter H. Sand 201
Trouble in the air: Recent developments under the 1979 Conven on on Long-Range
Transboundary Air Pollu on
Adam Byrne 210
Finishing the job: The Montreal Protocol moves to phase down hydro uorocarbons
Mark W. Roberts 220
Making ships cleaner: Reducing air pollu on from interna onal shipping
Sophia Kopela 231
The interna onal law on transboundary haze pollu on: What can we learn from the
Southeast Asia region?
Shawkat Alam and Laely Nurhidayah 243
The unintended consequences of EU law and policy on air pollu on
Aleksandra Čavoški 255
Regular Ar cles
Natural resource sovereignty and economic development in the WTO in light of the
recent case law involving raw materials and rare earths
Alejandro Gonzalez Arreaza 266
So law in the Paris Climate Agreement: Strength or weakness?
Peter Lawrence and Daryl Wong 276
Case Notes
Respec ng regulatory measures: Arbitral method and reasoning in the Philip Morris v
Uruguay tobacco plain packaging case
Caroline E. Foster 287
Blusun S.A. and others v Italy : Legal (in)stability and renewable energy investments
Fernando Dias Simões 298
Book Reviews
Ben Boer, Environmental law dimensions of human rights (John Pearson) 305
Robert Cunningham, Informa on on environmentalism: A governance framework for
intellectual property rights (Jacob R. Adams) 306
Walter J. Palmer, Will sustainability y? Avia on on fuel opera ons in a low-carbon world
(An goni Lykotra ) 307
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