Methodological note

AuthorDelaney, Niamh; Tornasi, Zeno; Warin, Colombe
Data sources
Calls for proposa l: From the start of Horizon 2020 in 2014 until 2019, projects funded
under th e cal ls foreseen in the respecti ve Sw afS wo rk programmes are included in the
analysis (note th at the call s dedicated to National Cont act Points and those managed by
DG R&I, featurin g under the ‘other actions’ s ection of the work programmes ar e
ISSI (2 topics): ISSI-1-2014, ISSI-2-2014
ISSI (1 topic): ISSI-1-2015
Single call (1 topic): SwafS-01-2016
Single call (3 topics): SwafS-10-2017, SwafS-13-2017, SwafS-23-
Single call (2 topics): SwafS-15-2018-2019, SwafS-18-2018
Single call (2 topics): SwafS-15-2018-2019, SwafS-17-2019
Single call (2 topics)16: SwafS-23-2020, SwafS-27-2020
Projects: The projects included are those fun ded under the calls listed in Table 1: Number
of citizen science and citizen engagement projects in Horizon 2020, as of 15/07/2020. In terms of data
sources, the Grant Agreement notably the Description of Action, project deliverables,
review reports, project web sites, pr oject policy briefs as well as input from REA Proje ct
Officers over-seeing the implementation of the projects have been the basis of the
Cluster events: R EA-led events organised in collaboration with DG R&I, brin ging
together projects funded under the same theme, pointed to some recommendations
which are taken up in this report. In 2019, such an event was held for citizen science
and citizen engagement projects.
Reports: Horizon 2020 legal basis, annual work programmes, Interim evaluation of
Horizon 2020, Impact Assessment for Hori zon Europe ar e the primary referenc es. Other
relevant documents are referenced directly in the report.
Feedback from the evaluation: Some recommendations made by experts du ring th e
panel meetings and the independent observers in their reports are also incl uded.
DG R&I Pol icy Officers provided input in terms of key referen ce documents as well as
the objectives of the respective themes and gave feedback on the draft chapters.
16 Evaluation still to be carried out at the time of writing this report .

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