Statutory schemes of social security (Directive 79/7)

AuthorNatalie Videbaek Munkholm
7 Statutory schemes of social security (Directive 79/7)
7.1 General (legal) context
7.1.1 Surveys and reports on the practical difficulties linked to statutory schemes of social
security (Directive 79/7)
There are no recent national surveys or reports linked to statutory schemes of social
7.1.2 Other relevant issues
No other relevant issues.
7.1.3 Overview of national acts
- Consolidation Act No. 1286 of 2 November 2018 on Health Care (health care and
hospital treatment)
- Consolidation Act No. 68 of 25 January 2019 on Sickness Benefit s (sickness
- Consolidation Act No. 67 of 25 January 2019 on Entitlement to Leave and Benefits
in the Event of Childbirth (maternity benefits)
- Consolidation Act No. 1092 of 1 November 2019 on Unemployment Insurance
(unemployment insurance)
- Consolidation Act No. 983 of 23 September 2019 on Social Pension ( old age
- Consolidation Act No. 548 of 7 May 2019 on Active Employment P olicy (wage
- Consolidation Act No. 1110 of 10 October 2014 on Labour Market Su pplementary
Pension (supplementary pension to wage earners)
- Consolidation Act No. 609 of 3 June 2016 on Child and Youth Benefits (child and
youth benefits)
- Consolidation Act No. 63 of 21 January 2019 on Child Allowance (child allowance)
- Consolidation Act No. 977 of 9 September 2019 on Occupational Injury
(occupational injury)
7.1.4 Political and societal debate and pending legislative proposals
There are no pending political or social debates or proposals regarding Directive 79/7.
7.2 Implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women in
matters of social security
Denmark implemented Directive 79/7/EC by removing all direct discriminatory elements
in the legislation. Most benefits were made gender neutral, however in specific situations
the implementation resulted in a levelling down, for instance, widows pension was

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