The theme: Individualism in ethics; a contemporary approach

AuthorRisvan Tërshalla
PositionState University 'Aleksandër Moisiu', Durrës, Albania
ISSN 2410-759X
Acces online at
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania Vol. 1 No. 2
September 2015
The theme: Individualism in ethics; a contemporary approach
Risvan Tërshalla
State University “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durrës, Albania
The theme will be handled in ethical and sociological views taking in consideration the
individualism’s concept into postmodern context.
The important points to be discussed:
§ Firstly, we are going to discuss the concept of individualism in a contemporary
approach and bring some of the elements that make imposible or sometimes block
the capability of humans to socialize or to be socialized.
§ Another important point will be, to study the causes of this imposibility, the target
groups included in, the most important sourses which stop or block their capability
of adapting to the social structure.
§ At the same direction will be discussed the term and the institution of individualism,
the meaning in this context and how are and are not involved the human beings in
this institution; the manner they act.
§ Then, taking hands of scientific supplies, the essay will be focused in the causes of
the resourses: are natural or artificial ones? Are these resourses causing consiently
by people and are they addicted by the other side of the problem? Do they like being
framed or do they contibute te be socialized and to socialize the others?
The work will call in the best analists of the aera of the moment or of all the time. The
essay will be re-enforced by the analists of the area: Kant, Nietzsche, Weil, Marcuse,
Fromm ect.
Key words: individs, individualism, ethics, society, contemporary, association.
Individualism is getting every day more, a phenomenon, even so the society tents
to the modernism. I do not mean that the modern society is oriented to the
socialization, but despite this people have the possibility to stay more to-gather.
The places and the ways are not the purpose of this topic.
Individualism every day is taking control of man’s standard of living and way of
thinking. This happens due to the widening and the narrowing of the areas we
move, we built our life. Individualism is becoming an everyday friend even we like
or don’t like it. It is an inevitable argument any more.
The individualism can be overtaken in two different ways. From one part there are
those who valuate it and like this way of being and fight to reach it, to considerate
as negative and harmful the attempts to categorize the people in this or that way of
From them who think in this way, we mention, first Nietzsche, who in Ecce Homo,
expresses: It is terribly naive to say; the man should be this or that! The reality offers amazing
different characters, the plenty of a prodigal of transformed shapes – when a poor and workless

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