Annex 1: main transposition and anti-discrimination legislation

AuthorKogovsek Salamon, Neza
Country: Slovenia
Date: 31 December 2019
Title of the Law: Protection Against Discrimination Act
Abbreviation: PADA
Date of adoption: 21 April 2016
Entry into force: 24 May 2016
Latest relevant amendment: /
Web link:
Grounds protected: gender, ethnicity, race or ethnic origin, language, religion or b elief,
disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, social
standing, economic situation, education or any other personal characte ristic
Civil law, Administrative law
Material scope: access to employment, self-employment or profession, access to all
levels of career orientation, professional training, advanced training and r etraining,
practical work experience; employment and working conditions, dismissals and pay;
membership of and involvement in an organisation of workers or emplo yers, or other
professional organisation, including the benefits; social prote ction, social security and
healthcare; social advantages; education; Access to and supply of goods and servic es
which are available to the public, including housing
Principal content: Prohibition of direct and direct discrimination, harassment,
victimisation, shift of burden of proof, exceptions, establishment of equ ality body, the
procedure of the equality body, sanctions
Title of the law: Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons w ith
Disabilities Act
Abbreviation: VREPDA
Date of adoption: 21 May 2004
Latest relevant amendment: 23 December 2014
Entry into force: 25 June 2004
Web link:
Grounds covered: disability
Administrative Law, Labour Law
Material scope: Employment
Principal content: Positive action, creation of a specialised body
Title of the law: Act on Equal Opportunities of People with Disabi lities
Abbreviation: AEOPD
Date of adoption: 16 November 2010
Latest relevant amendment: 20 June 2017
Entry into force: 11 December 2010
Web link:
Grounds covered: disability
Administrative law
Material scope: Employment, education, access to and supply of goods and services
which are available to the public, including housing.
Principal content: Appropriate (reasonable) accommodation
Title of the law: Employment Relationship Act
Abbreviation: ERA
Date of adoption: 5 March 2013
Latest relevant amendment: /
Entry into force: 12 April 2013
Web link:
Grounds covered: Ethnicity, race or ethnic origin, national and social origin, gender,

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