Coordination at national level

AuthorLappalainen, Paul
The elections in September 2018 led to confusion as to the results. The key issue became
whether the conservative Alliance coalition made up of the Moderate Party, the Christian
Democrats, the Centre Party and the Liberals would form a government dependent on the
far right Sweden Democrats, or if the Social Democrats and the Green Party could work
out some kind of agreement with the Centre Party and the Liberals. Negotiations took a
much longer time than had occurred previously in Sweden. It was not until January 2019
that a functioning coalition Government was formed by the Social Democrats and the Green
Party, with the support of two-centre right parties.
Discrimination issues were included in the mandate of the Ministry of Employment and
placed in the portfolio of Åsa Lindhagen, the Minister for Gender Equality, with
responsibility for anti-discrimination and anti-segregation. She also has responsibility for
democracy and human rights issues, the work against segregation, introduction of new
arrivals and child rights.

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