High-risk sectors - the classification of the ILO

AuthorEleni Papadimitriou - Zsuzsa Blaskó
2 High-risk sect ors the classification of the ILO
The an alyses present ed by t he I LO3 show th at glo bally , alm ost 40 p er cent of all emp loyed
wo men wor k in sect ors that ar e hit h ard by the COVI D-19 crisi s, co mpa red to 37 per cent
of emplo yed men . Figure 1 present s the share of women wor king in such sector s globally
and acr oss r egion s of t he world.
Fig ure 1. Shar e of women wor king in sect ors hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, world and by region
and sub regio n ( percent age) .
Sou rce: ILO, I LO Moni tor: COVI D-1 9 an d t he W orld of Work Fif th edi ti on, 30 June 2020 , p. 9.
The I LO classi fies th e sect ors accor ding to the probable size of th e im pact th at th e cri sis is
lik ely t o have on th em based on :
(1 ) gl obal firm s’ ou tput indi ces;
( 2) in ves tm ent in fix ed asse ts, dome stic trad e, an d f oreig n t rade (wi th part icular re feren ce
to China to capt ur e the effects of t he sh ock during t he period December 20 19
Febr uary/ Mar ch 2 020 ); an d
(3 ) business expect ation. 4
On this basis they identify as th e globally hardest -hit sect ors t he following s:
- Accom mod ation an d food serv ices,
- Manufactur ing,
- Wholesale and retail t rade, and
- Real e stat e an d bu siness activ ities.
The I LO’s cl assif icat ion of all sectors can be foun d i n Tabl e 1.
3 ILO Mon it or: COVI D-19 an d th e Wor ld of Wo rk Fifth Editio n, 30 Jun e 2 02 0 an d The COVI D-1 9 r espon se:
Get ting gen der equa lity ri ght for a b ett er fu tur e fo r w omen at wor k
4 ILO , I LO Moni tor : COV ID-1 9 an d t he Wo rld of W ork Seco nd Edi tion, 7 A pril 202 0. p age 11

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