Implementation issues

AuthorKamenska, Anhelita
8.1 Dissemination of information, dialogue with NGOs and be tween social
a) Dissemination of information about legal protection against discrimination (Article
There has been limited dissemination of information about legal protection against
discrimination in the last decade by state bodies such as the Ombudsman’s Office, the
Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Welfare. Although the Stat e Labour Inspectorate
has continued to organise inform ative seminars on the Labour Law, th ese have
concentrated on issues of non-discrimination in only a limited way.
b) Measures to encourage dialog ue with NGOs with a view to promoting the principle
Since 2014, a public agency, the Society Integration Fund, has conducted a range of
projects in cooperation with NGOs aimed at promoting diversity and combating
discrimination. The projects have been implemented throug h the PROGRESS 2007-2013
programme of the European Union and have included training for judges, a
comprehensive Roma survey, a poster campaign and video spots challenging
discrimination on different grounds. 274
In 2017, SIF continued to implement the ‘Diversity Promot ion’ project, which is funded
by the European Social Fund. Two research reports were published aimed at developing
awareness-raising activities about social inclusion and discrimination prevention, the
provision of support services to per sons at risk of social exclusion and discrim ination and
the development of an anti-discrimination communication campaign.275 In November
2017, in cooperation with several partn ers, SIF started a social campaign against
discrimination in the labour market, urging Latvian employers to sel ect employees
according to their professional abilities and not according to age, ethnic affiliation,
gender, sexual ori entation or other cri teria not connect ed to knowledge a nd
experience. 276 In 2018, an awareness-raising campaign and training activities for
employers on equality and diversity issues (2018-2022) undertaken by the Society
Integration Fund focused on asylum seekers and refugees.277
c) Measures to promote dia logue between social partn ers to give effect to the principle
of equal treatment withi n workplace practices, codes of pract ice, workforce
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