AuthorEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (EU body or agency)
FRA collected evi dence on the impac t of policy response s to the arrival of young refu gees in 2015/16 by carr ying
out socio-legal res earch and analysis at 15 loc ations in six EU Membe r States. This secti on summarises the project’s
development and oversight, and its methodological approach.
Development and oversight
The research was conduc ted in 2017 and 2018. It invo lved different phases: d esk research; focus groups; as well as
individual inte rviews with experts a nd with people in need of interna tional protection in the followin g six EU Member
States: Austria, France, Germ any, Greece, Italy and Sweden. These countries were se lected because they were among
those that received the high est numbers of asylum seekers in 2015-16 (see F igure 1). Greece was chosen beca use of
its particul ar challenges as acountry of first ar rival and transit.
Desk research
The desk research exami ned legal, policy and a dministrative development s in the six EU Member States concerni ng the
thematic fields of th e report for the period Januar y 2015 to May 2019. This included: national an d regional/municipal
integration poli cies; national provisions re garding the procedure, cond itions, type an d length of residence perm its;
the indicative leng th of asylum procedures; laws and policies regul ating family reunification; as well as soci al rights
concerning housing , education and social welfare. The resea rch also collected demographi c data concerning persons
in need of internation al protection who arrived in the six Memb er States in 2015 and 2016.
Primary research
Case studies
The report uses aqual itative case study approach, base d on focus groups and semi-struct ured individual interviews .
The purpose of the case s tudies is not empirical gene ralisation in the statistica l sense, but to provide adescription and
in-depth unders tanding of acomple x social issue, distilling drivers and o bstacles for integration of young refugee s.
Figure 1: Asylum appl ications in 2015 and 2016, top 10 EU Member State s
United Kingdom
Note: The report covers the EU M ember States in light blue.
Source: Eurostat,
Asylum and f‌i rst time asylum applica nts by citizenship, age and sex ann ual aggregated data, extra cted on
24June 2019

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