Topic guide - expert interviews

AuthorEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (EU body or agency)
Top ic guide– expert interviews
Compilation of questions from all expert topic guides (ASY, IMM, LAW, EDU, Local EDU,
Vulnerability, GUA, Child, Housing, Social assistance, NGO, FP, EMPS)
Questions in bo ld are key questions. Please ensure th at respondents have sufficient ti me to reply.
Questions in [br ackets] may be asked optionally, depending on their rel evance in the Member State and the ex perience
of the interviewee.
All other questio ns (neither in bold n or in brackets) should be asked.
1� Background questions
Background questions (ASY, IMM)
Please provide the followi ng background informati on unless already covered in th e national focus group o r in the
desk research. You are free to provide such infor mation through desk research in preparati on for the interview and/
or by asking the exp erts when inter viewed. Please provide t he responses in the repo rting template, a nd specify
the source used.
A. Is aresidence permit gr anted automaticall y if protection is granted or does it need to be ap plied for separately?
What rights and be nefits are associ ated with areside nce permit? What happe ns to the protection st atus and
associated rights a nd benefits if the residence permit is revoked, en ds or is not renewed?
B. Duratio n of permits: Have there been changes in the l ength of time and/or the frequency of review of residence
permits grante d to refugees, subsidia ry protection ho lders or holde rs of humanitari an protection stat us since
January 2015? If yes, pl ease elaborate.
C. Have procedures for issuing o r renewing residence permits for p rotection status holders c hanged since January 20 15?
D. What has b een the average length of family reuni fication procedures for the three protec tion status holder groups
and for asylum see king children (under th e Dublin procedure) before the large-scale arriva ls in 2015/2016? How
has this changed sin ce January 20 15?
E. How do rules and practices a pplying to 16 and 17 year olds differ from thos e applying to adults concerning:
o issuing or renewing residence permits
o family reunif ication of 16 and 17 year olds
o accommodation
F. What is the total numbe r of family reunification appli cations since January 2015 unti l December 2017 by refugees,
subsidiary protec tion holders a nd humanitar ian status holde rs (by year)? How many of those applicatio ns have
been successful/rejected respectively?
G. How often have decision s rejecting famil y reunification requ ests by refugees, sub sidiary protecti on holders
and humanita rian status hold ers, applicatio ns for international p rotection and on gr anting subsidiar y protection
instead of refugee statu s been appealed si nce January 2015 (by year)? How successful have a ppeals been since
then (by year)?
Background questions (LAW)
In preparation for th e interview, please prepare and share with th e respondent for question 8 alist of legal a nd policy
changes since 2015 , based on desk research and focus group results s o far.

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