Sensitive or controversial issues

AuthorBiljana Kotevska
11.1 Potential breaches of the directives at the national leve l
The new Anti-Discrimination Law removed all of the breaches of the directive s as per the
old ADL. Thus, there are no breaches of the directives.
11.2 Other issues of concern
Two main issues of concern remain. The first one is the fact that the country currently has
no functioning equality body. This was elab orated in detail in Chapter 7 (section d) of this
report. The second one is the issue of the lack of internal harmonisation of the n ational
legislation, identified in the previous report and in a 2016 analysis.277. The harmonisation
was identified as a general strategic goal of both the ‘National Strategy on Equal
Opportunities and Non-Discrimination on Grounds of Ethnicity, Age, Ment al and Physical
Disability and Gender 2 012-нлмр’ and of its successorз the ‘National Strategy on Equality
and Non-discrimination (2016-нлнлд’.278 Article 51 of the new ADL also prescribes an
obligation for all other national laws to be aligned with the ADL within two years f rom the
date of entry into force of this law. In order to support the harmonisation proce ss, a n ew
analysis wa s pr epared looking at possibl e model s and approaches for conducting
277 Kotevska, B. (2016), Analysis of the harmonization of national equality and non-discrimination legislation,
Skopje, OSCE and CPAD.
278 Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (2016), National Strategy on Equality and Non-discrimination (2016-
279 Najchevska, M. (2019), Analysis of the harmonization of the legislation in the area of anti-discrimination,

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