Study on the economic impact of maritime spatial planning. Final report

European Union Publications Office
Publication date:



With maritime space in increasingly high demand, due to competition between different sectors, Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) can be a determining factor for the development of the blue economy. This study aims to explore evidence of effects stemming from the current state of implementation of MSP, with a particular focus on economic effects, so to provide EU Member States with additional information on how to maximise its benefits. The first part of the study consists of a review and an analysis of existing economic literature on the costs and benefits of MSP. In the second part, the authors develop five case studies to estimate the economic impact of MSP in countries where, albeit at different levels, this has been implemented: Belgium, Germany (Baltic Sea), Scotland, Norway (North Sea and Skagerrak), Rhode Island. The preliminary results of the study were discussed with economists and stakeholders at a workshop that took place in Brussels in October 2019. The comments received during the workshop were taken into account for the preparation of the Final report.

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