Annex 2: stakeholder consultation synthesis report

AuthorCSES, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (European Commission), Maastricht University, PPMI
Study suppo rti ng t he eva luat ion of t he op erat ion of t he Consu m er s, Heal th,
Agr icult ure an d Food Execu tiv e Agen cy ( 201 4-2016)
The st akehold er con su ltation activities described in this stakeholder consu lt at ion
syn t hesis repo rt w ere cond ucted in t he cont ext of the evaluati on o f CHAFEA.
The stakeholder consultation activ it ies carried out for th is ev al uation sought t o collat e
evidence-based i nfor m ation and st akeh olders’ v iews based on the five mandat ory
evaluati on cri t er ia o f t he Agency ( assessment of regul at ory fr am ewor k, m ission an d
govern an ce, assessm en t of CHAFEA’s perfor m ance in 20 14- 201 6, inclu di ng
eff ectiveness, effi ciency an d coherence, assessm ent of kn ow ledge m anagement
strat egies and com m unication chann els m aintaining an ad equate level of k now-how
insi de the Com missio n as well as a cost-ben efit analy sis).
The consultat ion soug ht t o collect evidence an d views in or der t o m easure t h e
sat isfaction wit h CHAFEA’s operat ions am on g r elevant stakeholders. The r elev ant
stakeholders w er e m apped in t he ear ly st age of t h e ev al uat ion and are d escri bed
bel ow .
1 . Con sul tat ion m eth ods an d t arg et gr oup s
The st akehold er consul tat ion met hods consisted of an ex ten sive int erv iew progr amm e,
tw o su rveys, fiv e in-dept h case st udies and a focus gr ou p. The cont r act or worked to
tr iangu late diff er en t sou rces, follow in g w hich th ey were further t riangul at ed wit h
finding s from desk research, CBA and benchmarking. TABLE 24 b elow p rovi des d et ails
on t he ty pes of sta keholders en gaged for each con sult ation met hod.
Type of st akeho ld e r
con sult atio n
Ty pe of s tak eh old ers e nga ge d Tim in g
Explor a t ory in t e r vie w s
w ith EC and Ag ency
offici als
Head of Un its/ repr esen tat ives
of t he mir ror unit s in par ent
Head s of
Uni ts/ rep resen tat ives o f t he
ope rati onal units
Head s of
Uni ts/ represen tat ives of
Adm ini str ativ e Depa rtm ent
Repr esent ativ es of Staff
Com mit tee
Q1 2018
Surv e y o f g rant a nd
procur em ent be n eficia r ie s
as w el l as ex t e r nal
ex p erts
CHAFEA’s beneficia ries across
var ious f undi ng i nstr um ents
and legacy pro gram mes
duri ng t he per iod 20 14 to
All ext ern al ex per ts
con tra cted by t he Agency
bet ween 2014 and 201 6
Q2 2018
I nt e r vie w s w ith gran t and
pr ocure me nt bene ficia rie s
Int erm edi aries a nd
facilit ators of Join t Act ions,
Direct Gr ant s, Gr ant s fo r t he
funct ioni ng of
NGOs/ ECCs/Consu mer
Q2 2018

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