Civiciti: technology at the service of participative democracy

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Civiciti: technology
at the service
of participative democracy
Decision-making soware is on a roll, and civiciti is one of the most marking success
stories in this constantly growing market. eir e-voting technology is bringing the
wonders of participative democracy to all interested public authorities, and even
proposes specic services for private companies and the education sector.
It all started in Spain, with municipalities eager to involve citi-
zens in local decision-making. Civiciti (The Citizen Participation
Platform) was just what they were looking for – a secure, cloud-
based e-voting technology for users to make proposals, allow-
ing municipalities to select the best ones and put them to a
citizen’s vote. At the time, there was no equivalent tool on
the market.
Fast-forward to 2019. Civiciti is now used by over 100 cus-
tomers across nine countries, partly thanks to support under
the European Innovation Council pilot’s SME Instrument strand.
“Thanks to the EU-funded feasibility study, we first found out
that civiciti could easily be used in Latin America, where no
product adaptation is required. Features and language were
already perfectly adapted to the market, and there is a great
CORDIS Results Pack on elections and democratic participation
Understanding turbulent political times through innovative EU-funded research

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