The Great Recession and political conflict in Europe

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The Great Recession and
political conf‌lict in Europe
e EU-funded POLCON project aims to understand the impact that the Great
Recession has had on the development of political conict in Europe.
In the autumn of 2008, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and
the dominoes that made up our global economic order began
to fall. The result was the decade-long economic crisis known
as the Great Recession.
Although much of our post-crisis analysis has focused on the
economic fallout of the Great Recession, little thought has been
given to its political repercussions. But this could be where
the real impact is felt, with some observers even wondering
whether or not democracy itself can survive its grave economic
The EU-funded POLCON (Political Conflict in Europe in the
Shadow of the Great Recession) project is studying the struc-
turation of political conflict in Europe, based on an analysis of
political contestation in the electoral arena, the protest arena
CORDIS Results Pack on elections and democratic participation
Understanding turbulent political times through innovative EU-funded research

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