Council Decision of 25 June 1996 on improving Community agricultural statistics (96/411/EC)

Published date01 July 1996
Subject Matterstrutture agrarie,informazione e verifiche,structures agricoles,informations et vérifications,estructuras agrícolas,información y verificación
Official Gazette PublicationGazzetta ufficiale delle Comunità europee, L 162, 1 luglio 1996,Journal officiel des Communautés européennes, L 162, 1 juillet 1996,Diario Oficial de las Comunidades Europeas, L 162, 1 de julio de 1996
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►B COUNCIL DECISION of 25 June 1996 on improving Community agricultural statistics (96/411/EC) (OJ L 162, 1.7.1996, p.14)

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►M1 Council Decision of 18 December 1997 L 1 9 3.1.1998
►M2 Commission Decision of 29 July 1998 L 230 28 18.8.1998
►M3 Decision No 2298/2000/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 September 2000 L 263 1 18.10.2000
►M4 Decision No 1919/2002/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2002 L 293 5 29.10.2002
►M5 Decision No 787/2004/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 L 138 12 30.4.2004



of 25 June 1996

on improving Community agricultural statistics



Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community, and in particular Article 43 thereof,

Having regard to the proposal from the Commission ( 1 ),

Having regard to the opinion of the European Parliament ( 2 ),

Having regard to Council Decision 93/464/EEC of 22 July 1993 on the framework programme for priority actions in the field of statistical information 1993 to 1997 ( 3 ), and in particular Article 4 (a) thereof,

Whereas the 1993-1997 framework programme envisaged by Decision 93/464/EEC establishes, inter alia, the need for better utilization of the resources devoted to agricultural statistics by implementation of the results of a ‘screening’ operation carried out under the previous statistical programme envisaged by the Council Resolution of 19 June 1989 on the implementation of a plan of priority actions in the field of statistical information: Statistical programme of the European Communities (1989 to 1992) ( 4 );

Whereas this screeening has identified the main aspects of the changes to be incorporated in Community agricultural statistics;

Whereas these changes include some of the main areas where savings may be made and where there are new or increasing needs; whereas these changes should conform to agreed general principles;

Whereas national adaptations have to be coordinated at Community level, in order to ensure that:

(a) data remain sufficiently reliable in the case of each Member State and comparable between Member States;

(b) the changes to Council legislation which may be necessary can be identified, prepared and proposed by the Commission in good time and in addition that the Commission approves implementing rules for Council legislation in good time;

(c) methodological studies by different Member States into efficient ways of meeting the new information needs are appropriate;

(d) the scheduling of national activities takes account of collective Community interest;

(e) the Community financial resources facilitating execution of this programme are used as an addition to other national resources and in the most efficient way;

Whereas the best means of achieving this coordination is within a formal structure which allows the technical constraints and preferences to be considered collectively and choices made which reconcile national and Community interests;

Whereas a financial contribution by the Community to the Member States is necessary, according to their objective needs, to facilitate the adaptations required;

Whereas, to achieve the desired savings, adaptations to the technical implementation of certain surveys may be necessary; whereas such adaptations should be permitted subject to appropriate safeguards;

Whereas provision should be made for a possible extension of this Decision in the context of the next framework programme for priority actions in the field of statistical information relating to the period after 1997;

Whereas the distribution of tasks between the Commission and the Member States is fully in accord with the principle of subsidiarity,


Article 1


In order to improve the way in which Community agricultural statistics meet information needs resulting from the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, Member States shall, within the limits imposed by available resources, take appropriate measures to adapt their national systems of agricultural statistics. In this they will take account of the work areas set out in Annexes I and II hereto, and the objectives, characteristics and criteria given in Annex III.

Article 2

Role of the Commission

The Commission, acting in concert with the Member States, shall:


(a) define the priority statistical fields, amongst those set out in Annex II, which may be the subject of actions at Member State level for the following year;


(b) check data quality and comparability;

(c) identify and implement Community-level actions which are important for the purposes of this Decision.


Article 3

Application time-frame and procedure

The process of adapting Community agricultural statistics provided for in Article 1 shall be continued ►M4 during the period 2003 to 2007. It shall be coordinated by the Commission through technical action plans as provided for in Article 4. After this period, the European Parliament and the Council may decide to extend the process in accordance with the Commission proposals provided for in Article 11.


Article 4

Technical action plans for agricultural statistics

1. A technical action plan for agricultural statistics shall be established by the Commission each year in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 10. These plans shall cover the actions to be carried out by the Member States pursuant to Article 1. Available resources shall be used in such a way as to make the greatest possible improvement in the cost-effectiveness of Community agricultural statistics in meeting the requirements of Community law, informal agreements and new information needs.

▼M3 —————


Article 5

Member State reports

The Member States shall submit to the Commission:

(a) by 31 May at the latest of each year, a communication setting out their intention, if any, to participate in priority actions for the following year, accompanied by a summary of the plans for implementation and an estimate of costs;

(b) following adoption by the Commission of the technical action plan, a working plan for each action which concerns them;

(c) after completion of each action, a brief report on implementation of the action in which they have participated.

The documents to be submitted pursuant to points (a), (b) and (c) should cover the planned amendments to the methodology of implementation, work to be carried out, difficulties identified and proposals for overcoming them, the national and Community resources to be mobilised and proposals for improvements at Community level. Actions for which Community financial support is required shall be identified as such.

Following the procedure laid down in Article 10, the Commission shall draw up simplified standard forms to facilitate the presentation of the above information.


Article 6

Financial provisions

1. The Community shall contribute to the costs realized by the Member States in making adaptations to national agricultural statistical systems or to such costs for preparatory work relating to new or increasing needs which are part of a technical action plan.

2. The amount of the contribution for Member States shall be decided each year by the Commission in conjunction with the technical action plan and in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 10.


3. The contribution shall be paid to the Member States in two instalments, the first of which, equivalent to 30 % of the Community share of the cost of the action, shall be paid as an advance, after notification to and acceptance by the Commission of the working plan for the action in question. The balance shall be paid once the report on implementation of the action by the Member States has been submitted to and approved by the Commission. The Commission shall carry out any on-the-spot checks it deems necessary in cooperation with the competent authorities of the Member States.


4. The financial framework for the implementation of this programme for the period 2003 to 2007 is hereby set at EUR 11,65 million. EUR 8,65 million shall be for the period 2003 to 2006.

For the period beginning on 1 January 2007, the amount proposed shall be deemed to be confirmed if, for the phase in question, it is consistent with the financial perspective in force for the period beginning on 1 January 2007.


The annual appropriations shall be authorised by the budgetary authority within the limits of the financial perspective.


Article 7


Where necessary to achieve the purposes of this Decision and for the duration of a technical action plan the Commission, acting in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 10, may approve a Member State's request to be allowed to adapt one or more of the following features of the agricultural statistical surveys listed in Annex IV: regions covered, territorial sub-divisions, definitions, survey methodology, survey date, list of characteristics and size of classes.

Article 8

Adapting to changing circumstances

The Commission may modify Annex I (statistical areas in which potential savings have been identified) and Annex II (statistical areas where there are new or increasing needs) in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 10. It shall inform the European Parliament and the Council of these modifications.

Article 9

Role of the Standing Committee on Agricultural Statistics

The Standing Committee on Agricultural Statistics set up under...

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