General legal framework

AuthorNicole Mathé
2 General legal framework
2.1 Constitution
2.1.1 Constitutional ban on sex discrimination
The Constitution of Li echtenstein does not include a specific n orm prohibiting sex
2.1.2 Other constitutional protection of equality between men an d women
Article 31(2) of the Constitution addresses equality between men and women. The Article
concerned was amended in 1992.2 It briefly mentions that men and women have equal
rights. According to this amendment , the adaptat ion of legislation in order fo r it to be in
line with gender equality is regulated by the law.
In addition, Article 31(1) of the Constitution contains the norm that all nationals of
Liechtenstein are equal b efore the law. By a correct interpretation of constitutional law
LGBl. 1971 No. 22, the legislator states that the expression ‘nationals’ includes all persons
with the Liechtensteinian nationality, with no discrimination betw een the sexes.
2.2 Equal treatment legislation
In Liechtenstein, specific equal treatment legislation exists: The Gender Equality Act (GLG)
was created in 1999 and adapted several times according to the framework of EU
legislation. The GLG covers gender equality and prohibits sex discrimination and promotes
the de facto equality between women and men. The GLG does not address any other
discrimination grounds.
2 Amendment to the Constitution by the State Gazette (LGBl) 1992/81.

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