General legal framework

AuthorPavlou, Vera
2 General legal framework
2.1 Constitution
2.1.1 Constitutional ban on sex discrimination
Article 28 of the Constitution of Cyprus enshrines equality. Direct and indirect
discrimination on the basis of sex are expressly prohibited. The prohibition of
discrimination applies vertically, i.e. against the state and horizontally, i.e. in relations
between private parties.
Article 28(1) provides that ‘all person s are equal before the law, the administration and
justice and are entitled to equal protection thereof and treatment thereby’. Article 28 (2)
provides that
‘Every person shall enjoy all rights and liberties provided for in this Constitu tion
without any direct or indirect discrimination against any person on the ground of her
community, race, religion, sex, political or other convictions, national or social
descent, birth, colour, wealth, social class or any ground whatsoever, unless there is
express provision to the contrary in this Constitution’.
2.1.2 Other constitutional protection of equality between men an d women
There are no other constitutional provisions on equality between men and women in
2.2 Equal treatment legislation
Law 205(I)/2002 on equal treatment between men and women in employment and
vocational training expressly prohibits sex discriminati on.
Law 177(I)/2002 on equal pay betwe en men and women for equal work or work of equal
value expressly bans pay discrimination on the basis of sex.
Law 58(I)/2004 on equal treatment in employment and work bans discrimination on the
grounds of religion or belief, age, sexual orientation, race and ethnic origin .

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