OLAF on the European and international scene

The OLAF report 2019
4. OLAF on the European
and international scene
4.1. OLAF’s relations with its partners
Efficient cooperation with its partners is essential
for OLAF’s investigative and policy work. With this in
mind, OLAF works hard to foster good relations and
cooperation with the widest possible range of current
and future partners on th e European and international
Examples of successful and expanded cooperation with
many of these partners can also be found elsewhere in
this report.
OLAF hosted a visit from the Italian Carabinieri in April as
part of its ongoing cooperation with na tional authorities
4.1.1 . Working closely with the Member
States and European Commission
OLAF works closely with national authorities in Member
States, on both investigative and policy matters. In 2019,
the Director-General of OLAF visited seven Member
States (Bulgaria, Finland, France, G ermany, Italy,
Spain and Sweden) and met with high-level officials
(ministers, secretaries of state, direc tors-general)
from national authorities and investigative services,
including customs agencies, police, tax administrations,
judicial authorities and anti-fraud coordination ser vices.
The visits to Member States contributed to enhancing
investigative coop eration, inclu ding assistance
to OLAF’s investigations, improving reporting of
irregularities to OLAF and following up OLAF’s
recommendations, and preparing for the establishment
of the European Public Prosecutor’s O ffice (EPPO).
In its mission to protect the EU’s financial interests
against fraud and corruption and to stop fraudsters from
pocketing EU money, OLAF collaborates with other
European Commission services, as well as with other
institutions, bodies and agencies. In 2019, in addition
to the frauds involving EU funds and joint customs
operations targeting consumer goo ds and cigarettes,
OLAF intensified its activities in environment-related
projects. As a result, OLAF ac tively collaborated with
its European partners to increase OLAF’s involvement
in the delivery of the European Green Deal objectives,
particularly as regards environment al fraud and
The Director-General of OLAF met bilaterally with 21
Directors-General of the Commission as well as with
other international organisations (the EIB, Eurojust ,
Europol, the European External Action Service and the
European Union Intellectual Property Office). Those
meetings set the basis for new areas of cooperation and
better synergies between OLAF and its partners . They
focused mainly on enhancing operational cooperation
(e.g. through joint operations, exchange of information
and data analysis) and improving the development
and coordination of anti-fraud measures (e.g. assisting
other Directorates-General in adapting their anti-fraud
strategies to the new Commission anti-fraud strategy
(CAFS), providin g training).
4.1.2. Administrative cooperatio n
arrangements with international
Administrative cooperation arrangem ents (ACAs) are
a key tool in helping OLAF foster close relationships
with investigative bodies and other non-investigative
partners engaged in the fight against fraud. In 2019,
OLAF signed an ACA with the European Court of
Auditors (ECA) and worked on a number of new

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