OLAF's investigative activity: trends in anti-fraud investigations

The OLAF report 
. OLAF’s investigative activity:
trends in anti-fraud investigations
Figure : OLAF’s investigative activity in 
.. Summary of OLAF’s
investigative performance
in 
OLAF’s investigative performance in 2019 (Figure 3)
was broadly in line with previous years. On the basis
of incoming information from both private and public
sources, some 1174 case selections were made during
the year, leading to a total of 223 investigations being
opened. Some 181 were concluded during the year,
leading to OLAF issuing 254 recommendations to
competent authorities at EU and national levels. The
majority of these recommendations concern the
recovery of EU funds – nearly €485 million in 2019– by
the relevant authorities at EU and Member State levels.
OLAF also issued a limited number of judicial, disciplinary
and administrative recommendations in 2019. For a
detailed presentation of these and other performance
indicators, please refer to the annex to this report
(Chapter 10).
Table 1 shows the breakdown of the investigations
concluded by OLAF in 2019 concerning EU funds
managed or spent in whole or in part at national or
regional level. Table 2 shows that, as was the case in
previous years, the European Stru ctural and Investment
Funds account for the majority of OLAF’s investigative

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