Annex 10: Detailed suggestions for improving efficiency

AuthorDirectorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) (European Commission), Landell Mills International
Area of efficiency
Suggestions from DG ECHO about how
NRC can be more efficient
Suggestions from DG ECHO about
improving its own efficiency
Suggestions from NRC about
how DG ECHO can be more
communication of challenges and
bottlenecks which will necessitate
adjustments in the implementation plan,
activities and budget
better and more transparent anticipation
of problems in implementation
more communication when there is any
doubt about the implications of a decision
or consequences of an event
train staff in clear and concise writing for
FPA and eSingleForm so that information
can be read more easily
position more experienced senior staff at
all levels
improve document archiving system so
that earlier decisions and agreements can
be traced easily
be more flexible in terms of geographical
scope, timeline, indicator/target changes
and don’t insist that the Grant agreement
is followed literally
greater consistency in
messaging and expectations of
partners, particularly from
different levels within DG
eliminate the informal
requirement for monthly or ad
hoc written reports and
additional information beyond
what is agreed in the SGA
better alignment between DG
Brussels to prevent having to
elevate requests for
clarifications at Brussels level
for issues that have been
already discussed at the field
recognition of the time demand
that completion of RQ, MR, IR
and FR places on partners
agree submission schedules
which work within the flexibility
provided for by the indicative
dates of submission for HIP
applications, rather than
treating the indicative date as
reduce the numbers of lines of
provide all the information that is
requested in a way that can be clearly
understood and is consistent through the
include more quantitative information
against the indicators
pay more attention to quality before
submission to avoid wasting time on
mistakes that can be avoided
better analysis of factors leading to
make context analysis specific rather than
standardise proposal and
reporting formats with other
reduce the amount of
information required to prepare
a donor visit as requirements
for financial report, updated
logframe, security/risks
analysis are almost as
burdensome as a full report

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