Annex 2: Evaluation Matrix - the Afghanistan Country Evaluation

AuthorDirectorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) (European Commission), Landell Mills International
Annex 2: Evaluation Matrix the Afghanistan Country Evaluation
Judgement Criteria
Methods &
1. To what extent did the
design and implementation
of EU-funded actions take
into account the needs of the
most vulnerable population
in Afghanistan, in particular
women, children, elderly and
disabled people, as well as
the needs of Afghan
refugees in Iran? To what
extent were beneficiaries
consulted in the design and
implementation of DG
ECHO-funded projects?
1.1 What evidence exists to show that
ECHO-funded agencies collaborated in
joint needs assessments and identified
pockets of unmet needs in different
areas and devised strategies to prioritise
needs in hard-to-reach areas?
1.2 Were affected communities
consulted in assessing needs and
identifying vulnerability, and is there
evidence that community feedback has
been taken into account in designing
1.3 Were the needs identified
disaggregated by sex, age and disability,
as well as the types of refugees
consulted such as origin, status, gender,
age, rural/urban, in-camp/outside-
camps, etc. in Afghanistan and Iran?
1.4 What evidence and methodological
elements support the extent to which DG
ECHO interventions targeted the specific
needs of the most vulnerable
Use of joint and coordinated needs
assessments in planning & delivery of
humanitarian response by funded
Evidence of consultation and
involvement of communities in needs
assessments and planning of response
SADD data on targeted beneficiaries
form basis of response plans through
ECHO-funded interventions.
Most vulnerable groups of communities
/refugees/ IDPs targeted based on
needs assessment data.

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