Appendix A. Questionnaire

AuthorG. Arévalo Nieto/E. Fernández Vicente/J.A. Messía de la Cerda Ballesteros/J.A. Rubio Blanco
Appendix A. Questionnaire
A) Telec. Infrac. Index
Geographical extension in square km
Population based on the latest population survey
Number of homes
Income per capita
Minimal interprofessional salary of an unspecialized person
(due to regulations and laws) in euros
Monthly cost of the PSTN for internet connection
Cost per minute for call to a local telephone
Number of days from internet connection request until
Average speed of internet connection in homes
Type of most widespread technology in home (MODEM-
FAX, ADSL, ISDN, etc.)
Number of telecommunications operators within the region
PCs/1000 persons
Internet users/1000 p.
Telephone lines/1000 p.
Telephones/1000 p.
Number of connections (ADSL, ISDN, etc.)/1000 p.
Is there an infrastructure of telecommunications already
% of homes covered by the infrastructure
% geographical extension covered by the infrastructure
Does infrastructure reach rural areas? Yes-No
Does infrastructure reach economically depressed zones? Yes-No
Degree of satisfaction of the citizen with the infrastructure Good-
Appraisal of the average cost of the infrastructure Low-middle-high
Average cost of the infrastructure
Is there public financial support to aid in IT costs for
Is bandwidth considered to be suitable? Yes-No
Is safety considered to be suitable? Yes-No

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