Awareness-raising campaign

The communicatio n plan for the EU LGBTIII survey was
created to reach LGBTI people in the 28 EU M ember
States, North Maced onia and Serbia.
6.1. Goals of the awareness-
raising campaign
The goals of the commu nication strategy were initially
let LGBTI people know about the survey;
motivate LGBTI people to t ake part in the sur vey
(by following alink);
motivate LGBTI people to sha re the survey to
their social medi a network, frien ds and LGBTI
And eventually to:
collect al arge number of LGBTI peo ple’s replies to
the EU LGBTIII sur vey, following the successful re-
sponse rate to the previous s urvey;
cover the most diverse group of res pondents possi-
ble, both in terms of aff iliation with the gay, lesbian,
bisexual, trans a nd intersex groups a nd in terms of
sociodemographic characteristics (intersectionality
and inclusiveness) within these groups.
To reach the broadest possible se gments of the target
group(s), the explicit aims of the communication strat-
egy were to:
use dedicated chan nels to reach out to the LGBTΙ
groups, where applicable;
encourage sharin g of the survey to reach out to the
biggest and most d iverse audience;
set up fall-back sol utions, in case the in itial contact
approach was not suf ficiently effec tive, to reach
out to sub-populati ons that are harder to reach and
motivate them to part icipate (e.g. elderly LGBTI, i n-
tersex and trans people).
6.2. The target groups of the
communication strategy
The survey’s target grou p was also the target group of
the communication activities, i.e. the communication
activities addressed the following people:
people who descr ibed themselves as l esbian, gay,
bisexual, trans o r intersex, and all other peo ple who
were not comfortable wi th any of these labels but
were not heterosexual and cisgender;
people who had live d in any of the 28 EU Mem-
ber States, North Ma cedonia or Serbia for t he last
year, regardless of legal circumst ances (residency)
or citizenship;
people who were aged at l east 15.
6.3. Communication plan
The communicatio n plan and its im plementation wa s
managed by Homoevolution under FRA’s guidance.
Homoevolution, amarketing and consultation com-
pany with an extensi ve network of international LGBTI
media professionals, worked with FRA to coordinate
cooperation with the European-wide LGBTI umbrella
Awareness-raising campaign

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