I am a non-EU citizen in the UK. How will Brexit affect me?

What you need to know as a non-EU citizen living in the UK
if you have, or had, a family connection to an EU citizen
1 I am a non-EU citizen in the UK.
How will Brexit aect me?
As of 1 February 2020 the UK is no longer part of the
EU. The EU and the UK have negotiated the terms of
the UK’s exit, commonly referred to as the ‘Withdrawal
Agreement’ or the ‘Brexit deal’. According to this,
EU law – including free movement in the EU2 – will
continue to apply to and in the UK until the end
of an agreed transition period (which will end on
31 December 2020).
Once EU law ceases to apply to the UK at the end of
the transition period, freedom of movement between
the EU and the UK will end (however, see Section 2
for situations covered by the Withdrawal Agreement).
The UK has stated clearly that it does not wish to
continue the free movement of persons. This will
af‌fect EU citizens3 and their family members living in
the UK, along with British nationals living throughout
the EU.
2 What will happen now that the Withdrawal
Agreement has entered into force?
Thanks to the EU–UK Withdrawal Agreement, the
residence rights of EU citizens and their family
members – including non-EU family members – who
arrived in the UK before the end of the transition
2 Free movement of workers is a fundamental principle of EU law.
According to this, EU citizens can look for a job, work without a permit,
reside and stay after the end of their employment in another EU
Member State. They also enjoy equal treatment with nationals of their
host country in terms of access to employment, working conditions and
all other social and tax advantages.
3 The purpose of this leaf‌let is to explain the situation of non-EU family
members of EU citizens. However, broadly, the same arrangements are
in place for family members of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Swiss
nationals, as there are separate agreements between the UK and these

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