Professional services regulation: notaries

AuthorPinkel, Tobias
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Germ any
7. Professional ser vices regulation: notar ies
7.1 Mar ket entry and st ruct ure regulation
Ta ble 16: Mar ke t e nt ry a nd str uct ure reg ula tion
Regu lati on
Subj ect ive
re quirement s
Qual ificati ons ( diplom as, exam s, concours) requ ired
to beco me a no tar y in yo ur cou ntr y:
Secon d st ate exam (sect ion 5 Federal Not arial Code (BNot O)) ;
Merit -ba sed select ion between the ap plicant s (section 6
Feder al No tari al Cod e (BNot O)) .
Add iti onal r equi rem ents f or
single-p rofe ssion n otar ies
Add iti onal r equi rem ents f or adv ocat e
notari es
3 year s pr acti ce as
tr ain ee no tar y
(Not arassessor)
un der th e sup ervi sion
of a not ary ( sect ion 7
Federal Not arial Cod e
(B Not O)) ;
Train ee not arie s are
norm ally chosen fr om
th e t op 5 % of
gr aduat es of th e
second sta te exam .
5 year s pr acti ce as an
adv ocate, 3 of t hese in th e
local ar ea, for w hich he appl ies
to becom e a not ary ( secti on 6
par a. 2 No 1 an d 2 Federa l
Not arial Code (BNot O)) ;
Passing th e nota ry exa min ation
(sect ion 6 para. 2 No 3,
sect ion 7 a Fede ral Nota rial
Code (BNotO) );
Part icipati ng at 15 hou rs/ year
fu rth er nota rial tr aini ng;
16 0 ho urs pr actical training
aft er passin g the notary
exa min atio n ( section 6 para. 2
Federal Not arial Cod e
(B Not O)) ;
Ob ject ive re qui rem ent s
Do num eru s clause s and ot her ob ject ive
requir ement s exist ?
A n umeru s clau sus ( section 4 Fed eral Nota rial Code ( BNot O)):

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