Professional services regulation: notaries

AuthorSchmid, Christoph U.; Pinkel, Tobias
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Th e Net herlan ds
7. Professional ser vices regulation: notar ies
7.1 Mar ket entry and st ruct ure regulation
Ta ble 16: Mar ke t e nt ry a nd str uct ure reg ula tion
Regu lati on
Subj ect ive
re quirement s
Qual ificati ons ( diplom as, exam s, concours) requ ired
to beco me a nota ry in your count ry:
Univ ersit y deg ree i n not arial law;
At le ast six y ears pr actice as a “ candi date n otar y” under the
sup ervi sion of a notary (Art . 3 1 pa ra. 1 Wn a);
Thr ee y ears of pr ofessional edu cati on d uri ng th e
aforem ent ioned six year s, w hich end s wi th an ex am (Art . 3 3
par a. 1 Wna) .
Ob ject ive re qui rem ent s
Do num eru s clause s and ot her ob ject ive
requir ement s exist ?
The notary needs to be ap poin ted for a cer tain area b y t he Mi nist ry
of Just ice ( Art . 6 para. 2 Wn a).
To b e appoi nted th e can didat e m ust subm it a business pla n, sh owin g
th at s/ he ca n run a soun d and profi tabl e off ice ( ext ending t o a per iod
of thr ee y ears, Art . 7 Abs. 2 W na).
Cit ize nsh ip
re quirement s
Are foreign candidat es ad mit ted de i ure and also d e
facto under the same con dition s as nationals?
I nt er -p rof ession al
coo per ation
Are for ms of c ollab orat ion bet ween notaries an d
ot her prof essionals allowed and usu al?
It is al lowed but 60 % of the not aries wor k in depen dent ly.
Busin ess st ru ctu re
Are not ary asso ciat ions/ cor por atio ns allo wed?
Int er-p rofessi onal cooper atio n is al lowed bet ween not ari es, l awy ers
and tax advocat es. Th e cooper ation must not af fect th e neu tralit y o r
im part iali ty of t he n otar y.

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