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June 2018 Technical
Flash Eurobarometer 469
Between the 18 and 26 June 2018, TNS Political & Social, a consortium created between TNS political
& social, TNS UK and Kantar Belgium, carried out the FLASH EUROBAROMETER 469 survey on request
of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content &
Technology. It is a general public survey co-ordinated by the Directorate-General for Communication,
“Media monitoring and analysis” Unit.
The FLASH EUROBAROMETER 469 survey covers the population of the respective nationalities of the
European Union Member States, resident in each of the 28 Member States and aged 15 years and
All interviews were carried using the TNS e-Call centre (our centralised CATI system). In every country
the respondents were called both on fixed lines and mobile phones. The basic sample design applied
in all states is multi-stage random (probability). In each household, the respondent was drawn at
random following the last birthday rule.
TNS has developed its own RDD sample generation capabilities based on using contact telephone
numbers from responders to random probability or random location face -to-face surveys, such as
Eurobarometer, as seed numbers. The approach works because the seed number identifies a working
block of telephone numbers and reduces the volume of numbers generated that will be ineffective.
The seed numbers are stratified by NUTS2 region and urbanisation to approximate a geographically
representative sample. From each seed number the required sample of numbers are generated by
randomly replacing the last two digits. The sample is then screened against business databases in
order to exclude as many of these numbers as possible before goi ng into field. This approach is
consistent across all countries.
Illegal content online
June 2018 Technical
Flash Eurobarometer 469

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