Users experiences with their content removed by online hosting services

Illegal content online
June 2018
Flash Eurobarometer 469
Respondents who used at least one of the online hosting services were asked if they ha d uploaded
content which, in their view, was erroneously removed or blocked by the hosting service 15.
Only a very small minority (5%) of the respondents who use online hosting services say
that they had uploaded content which was wrongly blocked or removed by an In ternet
hosting service
One in t wenty (5%) resp ondents who have undertaken at least one of the types of online activities
considered, say th ey had content wrongly blocked or removed by an Internet hosting service: 3%
mention this has happened once, while 2% say it has happened several times.
Base: Respondents who do at least one activity online (N=30,266)
Poland (10%) is the only country where at least one in ten respondents say they have tried to
upload or post legal content online that was, in their view, wrongly blocked or removed
by an Internet hosting service, followed by 8% in Denmark and 7% in Greece, Cyprus and Malta.
At the other end of the scale just 3% of respondents in Romania and Germany say this has
happened to them.
15 Q7. Have you t ried to upload or post co ntent online which was legal but w as wr ongly blocked or remove d by the Internet hosting
service? No , never; Yes, on ce; Yes, several t imes.

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