Illegal content encountered online

Illegal content online
June 2018
Flash Eurobarometer 469
Respondents were asked about the type of illegal content accidentally discovered, as well as about
the actions they took as a result of finding this content. The results from these actions, as well as
satisfaction with the response obtained from the hosting provider, were also be discussed.
Respondents were not given further explanations as to the legal definition of the categorie s of
illegal content considered. Their replies reflect the personal pe rceptions and understanding of the
1!Types of illegal content encountered online
Respondents who have undertaken at least one of the types of online activities considered were
asked whether, to their knowledge, they had encountered illegal content online9.
Six in ten of these responden ts have encountered illegal content online
Amongst respondents who ha ve undertaken at least one of the types of online activities considered,
the majority (60%) mentioned to have en countered at least one of the types of illegal online
content they were asked about, while 39% have no t.
Base: Respondents who do at least one activity online (N=30,266)
9 Q3. While using an y of thes e services, have you accidentally co me across the following types of illegal c ontent? Child sexual abuse
material; Terrorist content; Pirated content (e.g. music, films, books); Counterfeit goods (e.g. f ake perfume, fake designer brands); Hate
speech; Scam s, frauds, sub scription traps or other illegal co mmercial pract ices; Other illegal content; None.

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