Perception and use of the internet

Illegal content online
June 2018
Flash Eurobarometer 469
The first chapter of this report expl ores the extent with which certain kinds of online activities are
undertaken by resp ondents, like online shopping, using file-sharing servic es or online social
networks and watching videos, list ening to music or live-streaming. It also presents respondents’
views about the safe ty of the Internet, freedom of expression online, and illegal content.
1!Use of the Internet
Most respondents undertake a wide range of activities online
Watching videos, live-streaming or listening to music (76 %) is the online activit y most commonly
mentioned by respondents, however at least seven in te n respondents also shop online (72%) or
use social networks (70%)7. Just over six in ten (61%) read blogs or comment on articles or news
websites, while more than half of the re spondents use file sh aring se rvices (52%) or read or write
reviews or give ratings of products or services on rating platforms (51%). Fewer than one third
(32%) use collaborative economy platforms.
Base: All respondents (N=33,244)
7 Q2. How often do you do the following ? 2.1 Online sho pping; 2.2 Use collaborative economy platforms; 2.3 Use social networks; 2.4
Watch videos, live-stream ing or liste n to music; 2.5 Use fil e sharing ser vices to upl oad or download documents, videos, images or music;
2.6 Read or write reviews, g ive ratings of products or serv ices on rating platforms; 2.7 Re ad blogs, commen t on articles or news websites.
Illegal content online
June 2018
Flash Eurobarometer 469
Although watching videos , live-st reamin g or listening to music online is the most common type of
online activity mentioned by respondents overall (76%), using social network s is the online activity
most commonly undertaken by respondents on a daily basis (44%), while almost one th ird (31%)
watch videos, live-stream or listen to music daily (31%) and almost one in five (19 %) read blogs or
comment on articles or news websites daily.
These three ac tivities are the most likely to be undertaken daily or weekly, while online shopping
and reading or writing reviews or giving product or service ratings are most likely to be done a few
times a month or less.
Base: All respondents (N=33,244)

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